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a most unusual Hamlet


about the play




About the play

We can guarantee you've never seen Hamlet like this before.

Somesuch Theatre Company offer you a respectfully condensed version of Shakespeare's incredibly rich play, intertwined with a co-plot involving some highly eccentric and diverse characters. Join them in their quest to understand who Hamlet is, and why he behaves the way he does. At the same time you can enjoy their own strange journeys through doubt, and beyond it, into love.

And also, we are offering something quite remarkable . . . an interpretation of Hamlet which, as far as we know (and we've given it many years' attention) has never been presented before. One of our marvellous actors, Ramesh Krishnamurthy, came up with the idea, and, quite frankly, knocked us sideways. Everything suddenly makes perfect sense.

We've been studying Hamlet for 50 years. How can it be that we'd never thought of this before?

Come and join us for a really interesting and entertaining performance. You can expect to be moved, to laugh, to cry and to be more than a little surprised.


Remember Me

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