Actors, Eat no Onions!

A Midsummer Night's Dream turned inside out





Somesuch Theatre Company

Oberon and Titania 40 years later and in the world of ordinary people. The fairies neglected and confused and ready for mischief. Puck getting creative and a bit above himself. And the Indian boy at the very heart of it all - as he always has been. Time to remember, re-enact, and re-invent what happened in the forest.

Welcome to a whole new perspective on A Midsummer Night's Dream, and on life and love and the stories that we live, dream and die by. A theatre experience that's funny, endearing, expansive and thought provoking . . . and which makes the familiar seem really strange.


performance details: june 17th/18th/19th 2011 (more)

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the dreamtime overture video (15 minutes; begins show)

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