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The Glad Cafe
. . . the never say can't canteen


The flyer for The Glad Cafe (2 page pdf) is here.

A new play, by deirdre burton and tom davis, from somesuch theatre - funny, inventive, intriguing, inspiring. and heart-warming. Join us for a rich and nourishing experience, with plenty of food for thought.

Gaston, the waiter, is waiting for you at the Glad Cafe. And so is the opportunity of a lifetime. Come inside and see what's on offer. You might get a delicious surprise. Today's unusual customers get more than they were expecting - much more.

"Why is it called the Glad Cafe? Well, Gladness is what we do. We do other emotions as well, of course, be boring otherwise. but Gladness is our pièce de résistance . . . we do the complete kaboodle, that's what we do, but most of all we do Glad.

And how do we do that? You will find out."

when: Friday February 7th 19.30
Saturday February 8th 14.30 and 19.30
Sunday February 9th 14.30 and 19.30

where: the hexagon theatre, midlands arts centre, cannon hill park, birmingham B12 9QH (opposite the edgbaston cricket ground).

tickets: £10/£6 from or 0121 446 3232
more information: on the mac website and on


our actors are:

angie barnbook
geoff barnbrook
gioia barnbrook
edmund caird
nathan hawthorne
ramesh krishnamurthy
jacqueline o'hanlon


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