café paradiso





Café Paradiso

It's easy if you try


a new play for somesuch theatre by Deirdre Burton and Tom Davis

our actors:
Geoff Barnbrook
Ramesh Krishnamurthy
Jacqueline O'Hanlon

at the Kitchen Garden Café
17 York Road
Kings Heath
B14 7SA
0121 443 4725

on Sunday September 3rd 6.30pm and 8.30pm
running time 70 minutes with no interval
tickets £8 (£4 concessions) from the café
or online

Imagine. . . .
three good friends, out of work actors, in a beautiful cafe, devising a show about the things that really matter . . .

Life, love, happiness and freedom. And limoncello drizzle cake.

From simple beginnings, their quirky imaginations take them in unusual directions . . . comic, poignant, absurd, unsettling, thought provoking and heart warming.  And they discover more than they were expecting . . . much more.

Angelo: You are joking?
Tristram: Well yes, it is sort of a joke. It’s called political satire. It’s allegorical.
Lizzie: But we don’t do political satire.
Angelo: Or allegory. Ever! Well, hardly ever.
Lizzie: What do we do?
Angelo: Deep truth. And light comedy.
Lizzie and Angelo: Heaven help us.
Tristram: Maybe. We’ll come to that.

Join us to find out what they find out.

You can enjoy food and drink in the adjoining bar and restaurant called Fletcher’s, which will be open before, during and after our performances.



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