did you love enough?

an album of thirteen songs, by

Nice Way Mind


the tracks:

1. Did you love enough?

2. It doesn't get better than this

3. Some distant day

4. Nice way mind

5. Nothing but light on my mind

6. High fantastical

7. Charlotte Street bagel blues

8. But then you appeared

9. Slow train home

10. What did you want?

11. If I could stay here

12. Waiting in the wings

13. It ain't been in vain

The creative team: Deirdre Burton, Tom Davis, Amanda Grist, Jacqueline O'Hanlon, Simon Romer

Vocals: Jacqueline O'Hanlon, and very occasionally Deirdre Burton and Simon Romer

Music all arranged, performed and produced by Simon Romer

Photography and design by Tom Davis

All songs by Deirdre Burton, except "It doesn't get better than this" by Simon Romer.

"Slow train home" and "Nothing but light on my mind" are based on poems by Tom Davis.

"Some distant day" is a free paraphrase of a letter by Rainer Maria Rilke in "Letters to a young poet".

"It ain't been in vain for nothing" is a quotation from the movie "Singin' in the Rain".

The seed idea for "Charlotte Street Bagel Blues" came from Jonathan Holmes and Rebecca Lenkiewicz.

Peter Readman provided the initial idea for "But then you appeared".

Our thanks to Rosie and Chris Oates for their skilful involvement with the musical development of the earlier songs. We're glad that their lives got busy with their new baby Joshua, although we missed their company and music making.

Our thanks to Dorothy Davis and Gioia Barnbrook for their loving encouragement.

copyright: Burton, Davis, Grist, O'Hanlon, Romer 2006

A Strange Shadows production

the youtube movies:

But then you appeared features Polly Ho-Yen and Jo Hicks

Waiting in the wings features Francesca Searle and Jacqueline O'Hanlon

What did you want? features Charlie Cattrall and Annabel Smith



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